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Tower Hobbies accepte Paypal !

Posté : mer. oct. 13, 2010 19:18 pm
par fabsavage
Bonjour à tous,

Un service qui va faire plaisir à plus d'un, Tower Hobbies accepte maintenant le paiement par Paypal !
Dear R/C International Enthusiast,

Thousands of International Tower Hobbies customers have asked for an easier way to pay for on-line orders, and now they have it: PayPal® is here.

Think of it: with PayPal, you have the flexibility to pay for your on-line order with money from your bank account, or use a Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover®, JCB or even the American Express® credit card.

And it's so easy to use. Just place your order through our web site's shopping cart system — and select the PayPal option at the checkout.

That automatically sends you to the PayPal web site, where you'll be asked to enter your PayPal e-mail address and password. It takes only seconds to authorize payment — and once you've done that, you'll be returned to our web site to receive order confirmation.

You don't have a PayPal account? No problem. You can establish a PayPal account during the Tower Hobbies checkout process in just a few minutes. And once you have, your financial information is protected by PayPal's cutting-edge security and privacy systems.

We ask that you help us get the word out that Tower Hobbies now accepts PayPal from our international customers. Tell your friends and post it in the forums. And the next time you order, use PayPal.

Re: Tower Hobbies accepte Paypal !

Posté : mer. oct. 13, 2010 20:34 pm
par olic888
Je viens d'avoir le mail, c'est bien ça!!!!!

Re: Tower Hobbies accepte Paypal !

Posté : jeu. oct. 14, 2010 9:54 am
par hrc
Alors ça c'est une bonne news merci :D